Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sell My House In Atlanta Fast -- 21 Reasons That Cause People To Sell To A Real Estate Investor

Stimulus package or not, things happen. And there are a lot of ‘things’ happening right now that aren’t likely to change anytime soon, especially in the metro Atlanta housing market.

With the current state of the economy, many home sellers are asking themselves, “How can I sell my house in metro Atlanta?”

The Obama administration is soliciting support for an $825 billion economic stimulus plan, but how will it directly help your situation right now? That’s a question you’ll have to answer for yourself, as every individual’s circumstances is different.

Everywhere you turn lately, there’s negative news. The Georgia Labor Department, recently reported that 128,625 workers filed first-time claims for jobless benefits in December; nearly 43,000 of those were in metro Atlanta, a 134 percent increase from a year ago.

These numbers are staggering, and likely caught those families affected by complete surprise. The last thing you want is to be in shock, like so many others, once things started going south. Having a plan B, C and D are imperative when things are as uncertain as they are now. And when it comes to selling your house in a down market such as this, you need options and creativity.

Below is a list of 21 situations that may cause you, or someone you know the need to sell their home fast for any number of reasons. Some involve the state of the economy as a factor, some don’t. Either way there is a solution.

If any of these create an AH HA moment, you or someone you might know probably need to contact a local Atlanta real estate investor.

Usually investors buy houses, not list them as a realtor would. They won’t put a sign in the yard, list the house for sale in MLS and wait for the phone to ring. In most cases, they will actually put your house under contract, and honor it for a fast home sale.

In the time it takes to have your house sit on the market while you continue to make mortgage payments, an investor could have actually bought the house. You might have to make some price concessions to sell the home fast, but in most cases they’ll provide an answer to your question, “How can I sell my house?”

All situations vary, but here are some of the most common reasons you or someone you know may need to sell a house fast:

1. Job lost and can’t afford mortgage payments
2. Administrator/Executor of an estate
3. Bought new house and don’t want two mortgage payments
4. Job relocation
5. Pending foreclosure
6. Two mortgage payments
7. Listed with a realtor for months and won’t sell
8. Divorce
9. Want to purchase another home but can’t sell the old one
10. Landlord tired of dealing with evictions and deadbeat tenants
11. House in need of repairs but no money to do them
12. Vacant house receiving violations from local government
13. Behind on mortgage payments
14. Listing expired with real estate agent
15. Trying to sell For Sale By Owner (FSBO) but won’t sell
16. Want to retire and downsize
17. Fire damage
18. Failing health
19. Can’t afford tax bills
20. Need debt relief
21. Bankruptcy

Local investors purchase many houses each month in your area. They will give you a free offer for your house with no obligation for you to accept.

If you're sick and tired of waiting for your house to sell in Atlanta or the metro-area, perhaps examining other options is a good idea.

Learn how to sell your house fast and forget about waiting any longer.

Visit today to learn new techniques and tricks to sell your house fast.

You will get a no-obligation written offer, a fast close and a smooth transaction. In most cases there will be multiple offers that cater to your situation.


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Why would a homeowner who is trying to sell his house not mow the lawn? It’s hard to imagine that someone who is actively engaged in selling a property wouldn’t be motivated to make the exterior look as good as the interior. For this property, it wouldn’t take more than a few hours to mow the grass, trim the hedges, weed the flower bed, plant a few colorful annuals, and edge the lawn. The house’s exterior would really perk up.
By not mowing the lawn, trimming the bushes and making sure your home looks well cared for, you’re setting the table for some unpleasant future negotiations – prospective buyers will assume you’re in financial trouble simply because you haven’t invested the time or money in making sure your home is ready for sale.
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2. Inform your neighbors. Before you hire a real estate agent (and certainly before you officially list your home for sale), you should inform your neighbors that your home is going to go on the market for sale. Your neighbors presumably like living in your neighborhood, and they may know someone through their network of family, friends, and colleagues, who is looking for a home like yours. Selling through a friends and family network will ultimately be a win-win, as you’ll sell more quickly and possibly for more money, while your neighbor will have a friend or family member living close by.
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